What is a Framework Plan?

Broadwater County's long term goal for the Silos Recreation Area is to redevelop the Area to: improve/expand recreational opportunities; improve/expand visitor services; improve visitor experience; balance conservation with recreation use and management; improve long term management, and; improve long term financial sustainability.


To help achieve this long term goal a multi-step planning process is necessary.


The first step in this process is the development of a Framework Plan. The Framework Plan will propose a vision and recommend a range of potential development program alternatives for the long term phased redevelopment and management of the Silos Recreation Area. This planning process will identify public needs and preferences and marshal input from stakeholders and agencies to develop a consensus driven Plan.


The next step is the development of a Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) Recreation Master Plan and Environmental Assessment(EA) for the Silos Recreation Area. The BOR Recreation Master Plan will be developed in compliance with the Canyon Ferry Resource Management Plan (RMP). The Framework Plan will be the foundation document for the Master Plan process.


Future steps will include funding and implementation of a long term phased recreation based redevelopment of the Silos Recreation Area.


Project Outcomes

  • Develop a vision statement for the future of Silos Recreation Area.
  • Establish common goals that will benefit users, business owners, residents and governing agencies.
  • Identify how Silos Recreation Area can differentiate itself from other destinations on Canyon Ferry Reservoir.
  • Identify current user demographics and concerns about existing recreation experiences.
  • Identify solutions that can positively impact local economies.
  • Establish positive relationships and mutual respect between local community stakeholders.
  • Recommend a framework for management of the area and implementation of future projects.
  • Develop conceptual diagrams for expanded recreation activities, visitor services, and natural conservation areas.
  • Develop a study that can be used as a foundation for a future Bureau of Reclamation Recreation Master Plan and Environmental Assessment.

Project Purpose

  • Create a shared vision for the Silos Recreation Area
  • Identify opportunities that will help the Silos Recreation
  • Establish priorities for items to be included in future
  • Identify potential project implementation costs and potential funding and partnership opportunities.



Project Schedule




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